The foundation


ANBI information

General information

The foundation
Care4everyBody IVZW

Established under Belgian law:
15 May 2022, number: 0787.473.219

Bureau Brussels, rondpoint Robert Schuman 9, 1040 Brussels Belgium


Dutch fiscal number:
RSIN 8272.98.687


The objective

Raise awareness of the lagging quality of care for women and table practical solutions for improvement. In first instance the activities are targeted at the European Institutions, ultimately at the curricula of medical schools.

Main points of the policy plan

Care4everyBody is promoting equality in the quality of healthcare for all genders and sexes. Care4everyBody is a web platform that gathers concrete solutions to improve
healthcare quality, aimed towards both health professionals and patients. Care4everyBody also aims to amplify the voice of existing organisations that tackle the issue of inadequate healthcare due to disregard for gender and sex specificities.

position and names of the directors

Chairperson: Prof dr Angela Maas
Secretary: prof dr Fedde Scheele
Treasurer: dr Dorenda van Dijken
Board member: Astrid Smeets
Board member: Anne Jokiranta

Remuneration policy

There are no renumerated functions, the secretariat is outsourced.

Past activities

Establishment of the foundation, forming the Advisory Board, initiate economic study, initiate Delphi study, liaise with allies.

Report of current activities

Currently, C4eB is preparing the launch of the economic study. It is expected to take place on 10 October 2023 in the European Parliament in Brussels. The Delphi-study is expected to be concluded in the last quarter of this year.

Explanation of the balance sheet

  • C4eB has almost no financial resources.
  • The work is done on a pro bono basis.
  • There have been two contributions, so far.
  • To be effective, financial resources will be required.
  • That is the reason for the ANBI application.


Number Description Debet Credit Balance
612200 Communication 30,87 0,00 30,87
613220 Honors research 15.000,00 0,00 15.000,00
613230 Honors notary 1.963,43 0,00 1.963,43
613240 Honors accountant 1.109,24 0,00 1.109,24
613320 Legal publication cost 140,24 0,00 140,24
656000 Bank costs 5,00 0,00 5,00
750000 Grant received 0,00 1.000,00 -1.000,00
Total loss 17.248,78


Number Description Debit Credit Balance
179200 Debts to Bureau Brussels 0,00 13.103,54 -13.103,54
440000 Suppliers to pay 0,00 5.000,00 -5.000,00
550000 Current account KBC 1.000,00 140,24 854,76
Total loss -17.248,78

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